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PedalPro Ex

Analog Multi-effect


Analogue Quality

Compressor, Boost, Preamp & Distortion , Pre & Post equalizer, Wah, Vowel generator, Optical Volume/Tremolo, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Analogue Delay and Noise Gate are designed with the best components available on the market bringing your sound to another level of definition. No emulation here. Just the pure analogue sound.

Save and Recall Settings

Store up to 400 presets - 18 as favorites for quicker accessibility.

Midi Controlled

Fully midi implementation of each analogue parameter and tap tempo. ADES protocol is supported for Pedalino foot-contoller. Full control via SYSEX for Roland's FC-300

Digital Reverb and Delay

DSP algorithms:

  1. Medium Hall

  2. Big Hall

  3. Room

  4. Church

  5. Reverse

  6. Gated

  7. Chapel

  8. Spring

  9. *Double delay*

  10. *Cave delay*

  11. *Single delay*

  12. *Four taps delay*

  13. *Triplet delay*

  14. *Plate reverb*

  15. *Spring Reverb*

  16. *Hall reverb*

  17. *Free reverb*

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