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A Swiss army knife for your sound

AB Overview

A-Class Analog Preamp

Pickup - Mic blender

Parametric EQ, DI

Optical Compressor

Digital  Effects


Take control of your sound

Blender white small.png

Analog Blender

2 Channels Preamp

Balance your pickup and mic


Perfect sound on Stage, Recording and practice sessions

Independent parametric EQs per channel, HPF, LPF and Notch Filter 


Aux IN

Tablet/Looper/Phone for practice or play along.

Aux IN +  Headphones OUT  

for in-ear monitoring system on stage 


Ch1: Passive transducer 

(piezo or magnetic pickup)


Ch2: Hybrid XLR -1/4” 

Active (+48V phantom) or passive mics with XLR or mono jack cables

AB_v08 cropped.png


XLR L+R (Stereo DI)

Connect to PA, Mixer or Soundcard 


AMP (Mono)

Connect  to an AMP or monitor


Headphones (Stereo)

Practice your stage sound

Use for backtrack rehearsal

setup offstage with headphones

Use for stereo monitor

Use with Aux input for in-ear monitoring


Optical Compressor

16dB compression


Analog 3band Parametric EQ

Control your blended sound



Compressor EQ2.png
DSP copy.png


Programmable stereo Reverb/ Delay fx

Tune - Mute

Accurate tuner - bypass of your sound


TapTempo metronome and Tap Delay fx

Stereo Ex. Effect Loop  

Connect external fx/pedals and use the Abox 2

hi-quality analog Inputs-Outputs


Use a Footswitch to turn on/off your fx


Update firmware and install new effects into your unit

power trans.png

Noiseless Power Supply

Custom made Linear Power supply US-EU selectable (110/240V)


Ultra low noise operation of your Acoustic Box 2


Aerospace grade connector  securely locks to the unit  

Robust Design

Neutrik connectors

Metal plate coupled with PCB for shock absorption

No cables, no problems. All parts soldered on PCB

Abox angle left.png
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