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Compressor, Boost, Preamp & Distortion

Pre & Post equalizer, Wah, Vowel generator, Optical Volume/Tremolo

Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Analog Delay and Noise Gate are designed with the best components available on the market bringing your sound to another level of definition. No emulation here. Just the pure analog sound.

PP Overview

PedalPro Ex

Analog sound - Digital Functionality


infinite on PC and Mac

400 presets

Favorites for live

Expression Pedal

Tap Tempo



Control your analog sound with iPad/iPhone

use 3rd party apps such as Midi Designer

Connect your favorite midi controller

Full SYSEX Control for Roland FC-300


Connect more Stereo/Mono fx

via Send - Return Loop

Add digital programmable Delay and Reverb effects from the PedalPro DSP

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