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PedalPro Ex


This PedalPro Ex comes in four different versions:


- PedalPro Ex Rack

- PedalPro Ex Rack + 4 Amp Switching Board

- PedalPro Ex Rack + Pedalino Foot Controller

- PedalPro Ex Rack + Pedalino Foot Controller + 4 Amp Switching Board


The 4 Amp Switching Board can be used with 4 cable method including buffer, attenuator control and amp out control.


Pedalino is a revolutionary foot controller that sets new precedents in terms of ergonomics and control.


Analogue Quality



Compressor, Boost, Preamp & Distortion , Pre & Post Equalizer, Wah, Vowel generator, Optical Volume/Tremolo, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Analogue Delay and Noise Gate are designed with the best components available on the market bringing your sound to another level of definition. No emulation here. Just the pure analogue sound.


The new EX model features DSP with programmable digital Reverb and Delay Effects for the final touch up on your sound.


Click here to download the manual and full specs



Sturdy and Compact

Pedalino is completely void of any mechanical parts which means you get none of the mechanical noise inherent to existing mechanical foot controllers, and there's nothing to break down. You can customize the level of force needed for the foot pads to suit your weight and playing style.


Smart Expression Pedal

The expression pedal (not includedin the package) can be assigned to each preset (Preset A -> Wah, Preset B -> Volume) or can change function in the same preset (Preset A-> Status 1 (Wah), Status 2 (Volume) Status 3 (Tap tempo) . Ranges are programmable.


Click here to download the manual and full specs


Made in The Netherlands

2 Years Warranty

Price incl 21% VAT

PedalPro Ex

€ 2.199,00Price
  • We grant a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee on this item (does not apply to products specially made or modified for you such as custom cases). software must be sealed and in its original, unopened packaging).


    Products should be returned in their original packaging, with all components and accessories and without signs of use. The refund will be approved only after the inspection.


    Free return service within the Netherlands only.

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