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Acoustic Box 

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The Acoustic Box         is a two-channel analog preamp. It comes with all the goodies of its predecessor, the Abox Live plus a substantial number of new elements and improvements which will help you bring the best sound out of your acoustic instrument. It gives you full independence on stage, recording and practice sessions. It is the perfect solution for instruments combining a pickup and a mic such as: Acoustic Guitar, Classical GuitarViolin, Cello, Double Bass, TarSaz (Baglama), Oud, Banjo, Lute, Bouzouki, Ukelele, Kanun, Santur, Zither e.t.c.




Double Bass/ Guitar Version

40-120Hz low parametric EQ



Traditional Instruments Version

80-300Hz low parametric EQ

Analog Blender

The Acoustic Box       is a hi-quality pre-amp, design-ed to simultaneously enhance the definition of a pickup and the body frequency captured by a microphone.

The ideal choice for vocalists and musicians playing acoustic instruments, looking for the natural character of their instruments and definition. 


Acoustic Box      features independent parametric EQ per channel, HPF, LPF and Notch Filter 


XLR L+R (Stereo DI): Connect to a PA, MIXER or Soundcard via XLR balanced cables. Two XLR channels since Abox     controls stereo effects (both internal and external) 


AMP: connect directly to your AMP or monitor via an unbalanced Jack


Headphones: Practice with your stage sound at home, use it for backtrack rehearsal, setup offstage with a pair of headphones or use as a loop with Aux input for in-ear monitoring on stage


Optical Compressor Parametric EQ

The warm analog (optical) Compressor will provide up to 16dB compression


The analog Parametric 3 band EQ gives you full control on your blended sound



No cables picture PCB/ BOX/Neutrik



Effects Tuner Mute


Add a final touch to your sound with programmable stereo Reverb or Delay effects


Use the highly accurate tuner on stage and bypass your sound using the master Mute


The TapTempo will allow you to set the visual metronome and the Tap Delay  effect tempo in BPM

Stereo Ex. Effect Loop and Footswitch

Connect your external pedals and make full use of the Abox hi-quality analog Inputs-Outputs


Use a momentary Footswitch to turn on and off your internal or external effects


Update firmware/install effects into your unit via the USB port




Noiseless Power 


The Custom designed Linear Power supply US-EU (selectable 110/240V) guarantees ultra low noise operation of your Acoustic Box

It comes with an aerospace grade connector that securely locks to the unit  


Aux: Connect your iPad/Looper/Phone with a mini-jack and practice or play along with a backtrack. The Aux input with the Headphones Out can be used as an in-ear monitoring system on stage 


Ch1: Use the Jack input to connect a passive transducer (eg. piezo or magnetic pickup)


Ch2: Hybrid XLR -1/4” connector.  Connect either active (+48V phantom) or passive microphones via an XLR balanced cable or a mono jack cable

Robust Design

Neutrik connectors

Metal plate coupled with PCB for shock absorption

Review from Francisco A. Abreu

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