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Acoustic Box 2

Technical Specifications

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  • Ch1: JACK passive channel; 1/4” Dia. Standard Mono Jack

  • Ch2: XLR balanced phantom power +48V or 1/4” Dia. Standard Mono Jack

  • Aux In: Stereo Mini Jack


  • AMP OUT (Mix of CH1 & CH2): JACK unbalanced connection; maximum 9V RMS @ 470 Ohms; 1/4” Dia. Standard Mono Jack

  • PA (DI) OUT (Mix of CH1 & CH2): XLR LEFT and RIGHT balanced connection; maximum 9V RMS @100 Ohms gain: -6dB to 25dB 

  • Headphones OUT Stereo Mini Jack

Electrical Characteristics

Ch1 - Channel 1 (passive channel)

  • Impedance 1 Meg -8.2 Meg (Selectable) Signal level up to 0 dBu;

  • Adjustable Channel 1 level

  • Parametric equalizer of Channel 1: Frequency range 360 Hz - 4KHz

  • MID level correction: +/- 12dB


Ch2 - Channel 2 (active channel, +48V Phantom Power)

  • Impedance 2K. Signal level up to Ch2 is -20dBu;

  • Parametric equalizer of Channel 2: Frequency range 360 Hz - 4KHz

  • MID level correction: +/- 12dB;

  • Notch filter: attenuation 17dB. Tuning range 50-250 Hz;

Tone Controls (mix of CH1 & CH2)

  • Parametric Low: frequency range 40-125Hz, +/–12dB control

  • Parametric Mid: frequency range 250Hz-1KHz, +/–12dB control

  • 8 bands parametriq EQs: 50Hz, 100Hz, 250Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 2KHz, 4KHz, 8KHz

Power supply characterics

  • 110V or 230V selectable.

  • Consumption less than 12W

Phantom power on XLR Ch2

  • +48V


  • 12x22x7 WxLxH cm



  • 1.3kg without power supply 1.8 Kg with power supply.

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