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PedalPro Ex System

€2 350.00
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Analogue Quality

PedalPro Ex + Pedalino

Compressor, Boost, Preamp & Distortion , Pre & Post Equalizer, Wah, Vowel generator, Optical Volume/Tremolo, Phaser, Chorus, Flanger, Analogue Delay and Noise Gate are designed with the best components available on the market bringing your sound to another level of definition. No emulation here. Just the pure analogue sound.

The PedalPro Ex System includes the Pedalino, a revolutionary foot controller that sets new precedents in terms of ergonomics and control.
Completely void of any mechanical parts and less than a centimetre thick, Pedalino brings you total control of your PedalPro via four multi-level pressure- sensitive switch pads. For the full specs of Pedalino click here
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