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Acoustic Box 2 (Traditional Instruments Version)

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Analog Blender

The Acoustic Box 2 is a hi-quality pre-amp, designed to simultaneously enhance the definition of a pickup and the body frequency captured by a microphone.

The ideal choice for vocalists and musicians playing acoustic instruments, looking for the natural character of their instruments and definition.

Acoustic Box 2 features independent parametric EQ per channel, HPF, LPF and Notch Filter, 3-band parametric eq for the mix, Optical compressor, Stereo programmable Reverb and Delay effects, Stereo DI outputs, Amp out, Headphones out and more. Check the full specs here

This Traditional Instruments version has an 80-300Hz Bass parametric eq designed for instruments such as VIolin/Saz/Oud/Banjo/Lute/Lavta/Kanun/Kemence e.t.c.

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