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  • PedalPro MIDI (PedalPro with MIDI-in Firmware)  €1,900 incl. 21% VAT and delivery costs in Europe. For US buyers $1,900 including delivery cost and excluding local tax.
  • Acoustic Box live €400 (incl. 21% VAT and delivery costs in Europe). For US buyers $400 excluding tax and delivery costs.
  • PedalPro System (PedalPro + Pedalino Foot Controller) -  €2.150 incl. 21% VAT and delivery costs in Europe. For US buyers $2,150 including delivery cost and excluding local tax.


  • AMP switching board -  €50,00 or $50 for US buyers. The board includes two mechanical relays with two mono jacks galvanically isolated. You can install up to two board to have 4 switches.
  • 4-Cable-Method Effects Loop Mod€100,00 or $100 for US buyers
    This customisation will place the pre-effect loop behind the PedalPro's boost/od/dist section, so that all of the PedalPro's effects and your amp's pre-amp will be in the correct order. A buffer will be installed in the EFF. RETURN to avoid volume drops from your pre-amp section. An extra out jack will be installed on the back panel to provide a boosted copy of your OUTPUT LEFT if need it. This 4-cable-method requires an amp with a serial effect loop if used for separating preamp and final amp stage of your amp (see amp connection).
  • Attenuator control €50,00 or $50 - This customisation includes  the attenuator knob installed in the back panel to allow full control of the return signal level of the post loop return (Ext. Effect return) plus an extra buffer placed after this knob. This modification requires the 4 cable method customisation.



  • 30-day money back guarantee. You may return products purchased directly from Vintage Revolution for any reason for a full refund within 30 days of receipt of your order. Returned products must include all original components, literature, and packaging in the same saleable condition in which it was received. Refunds will not be made for any shipping and handling charges, including return shipping charges.


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